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Well, having played extinction for a while, I kept running into people who openly refused to even attempt the challenges. Now, i have yet to escape on either map. I know that I'm not the best player, but with four people, we should be able to at least get close, right? I can't help but feel that part of the problem is the fact that I can't get any of my specialties above three. earning only one squad point seriously detracts from your ability and hampers your playing style. Now, I'm not saying that we need to ban people like that or something, but I wish there was a search filter. just a box that you can mark to say, "Hey, I want to complete the challenges and escape, rather than BS and screw up others attempt at it." I know that some challenges are extremely difficult to complete, and I don't expect perfection. All I ask is that there be a way to separate the players here to progress, and the ones that just come to play it like zombies without the perks.


In summary, I want to there to be a way to sort the players into the serious ones, and the one who just want to goof off. It would make every one happier, and help stop everyone from ,leaving your lobby when another person deliberately screws up the challenges. Challenges are a big part of making it through the mission, and it sucks when people don't even try. Its enough to make some people give it up.


What do you think?


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