Suggestion to solve two issues with one stone.

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Voted on 19 times. You have not voted. Active it is. Amongst other issues, there are two that I have seen quite a bit of. I have an idea for a solution for both. Here are the two issues in question:


1: People are tired of getting thrown into the middle of the game where they are put on the losing team (which only has two players), and are losing by a margin so large that there isn't a snowballs chance in hell of winning. This is happening to players at an alarming rate, especially if the player is playing solo...not in a party.


2: People (definitely including myself) are very tired of an people backing out of games because they are losing. Dashboarding to falsify stats is ONLY ONE reason people are doing it. It is especially annoying when an entire clan is losing, and demonstrate poor sportsmanship by backing out the game 5 points before it ends. THAT isn't for stats, or dashboarding. They are, simply put, POOR LOSERS.




If people stop backing backing out of games for illegitimate reasons, this will solve both problems. Now I DO UNDERSTAND that there are some very valid reasons for quitting a game before it ends. Real life will always come before a video game. Also, if even for myself, if one feels very strongly that the other team is hacking, or if that lobby is extremely laggy, one might back out. Understandable. But these legitimate reasons will not occur 15-25 percent of the time. So here's what I'd like to see happen, and I'd appreciate a vote either way.


Person/s back out of 15% of started games = 5 min ban

Person/s back out of 20% of started games = 7 min ban

Person/s back out of 25% of started games = 10 min ban

Person/s back out of >20% of started games = 30 min


Numbers to be zeroed out or restarted weekly. Example: Every Monday morning, all players percentages will be reset to zero.


Please vote. Thanks.


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