Special Characters

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Hello everybody,


first of all i would say sorry for my english - it`s not the best.
After playing a long time with a lot of female players i heard a lot of bad things about those special characters. There are no Girls available.. I`m sure we had never female characters in Cod-History before

but with ghost there is one Girl in Storymode (Extinction). Maybe it would be possible to make her available to buy in a Girls-Pack (with 3 more - "legendary Pack - samanta Cross") or a Extinction-Pack with Archer, Cross, a special guy with rhino-uniform (it`s a uniform made out of a rhino) and one scientist.


After the 2 Character-Packs i`m very happy - choose one or two, select some camo (maybe here we could have special Extinction Camo, too) but the female players need some too


Just my two cents (and some others too)






PS: there are so many map-ideas and ingame things i have in my head - but there would be no chance to bring them into game oO


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