When Two Becomes One

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It's time to stop preparing for the wave of games that are inevitably going to capture gamer's attentions. It's already starting and signs are showing that Call of Duty isn't going to be the most popular title anymore. Next gen games are going to be offering more than what CoD offers and while it won't bankrupt the franchise it will certainly leave a mark. To think that the next few months are not going to effect CoD's player population is foolish.


As it stands right now there are dozens of gamemodes available to choose from and multiple playlists to containing these dozens of gamemodes. In my opinion there are too many. Many feel the same however they also don't want to lose their beloved gamemode of choice, so what do we do?


Matchmaking is a very important thing in Call of Duty, hell, it's everything. Poor matchmaking can completely ruin a gaming experience and turn a player off from a game forever. But to preserve matchmaking while at the same time giving players the option to play a gamemode of their choice you need a completely radical and insane idea.


Two gamemodes in one. Not a moshpit, oh no, two games being played at the same time.


Thats so crazy It just might work! - Thats so crazy It just might work!  Crazy


Yes, you're playing a game of Capture the Flag at the same time as a game of Demolition is going on. Think of it like Quiditch. Capturing the flag gives each team 10 points, blowing up a bombsite is 50 points each. The game ends when the final of two bombsites are destroyed or when the time runs out.  


KC and TDM being played at the same time. A kill is worth a point and collecting a tag is worth an additional point, first team to 200 points wins.



Madness? I've only just begun.


Domination is often the most popular objective gamemode, so how can we add more too it if it's already successful on it's own? Adding some Drop Zone elements would be an option. Having flags receive occasional Care Packages is a way to add extra incentive to go for the flags while at the same time mixing modes together.


What about Search and Destroy? Since S&D has a very particular way of being played I don't see any other gamemode fitting it's unique parameters. The fact that there's rounds and semi-perma deaths which no other mode shares I can't really add much to it except for a mix of DEMO and SABO. For this mode I suggest that each team has a bombsite that they must destroy and a bombsite the must defend and to keep the game from becoming kill-based like it seems to be I would like to change the score from being focused on rounds to points earned based on how quickly you destroy each bombsite. With each passing moment you earn fewer and fewer points. If your team kills every member of the opposing team you default to set number points that's inferior to amount you would earn had you destroyed the bombsite.


All these radical changes can not only consolidate gamemodes together concentrating the player population but it also can breathe new life into the franchise. Some of these ideas are really big and I don't think that they can function with the current lobby size. I propose that with this change there would have to be no less than 8 players on each team. With the gamemodes being cut down almost in half (there are a few modes I didn't discuss) I think it would now be possible to host a larger lobby. Especially with these maps being as big as they are.


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