Create a "Lone Survivor" MDLC?

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I'll apologize for this being USA centric... but then again... so am I.


I have deep affinity for those that serve, have served, and sacrificed for my country. Many of you may have seen the film Lone Survivor based on a novel of the same name. It's an accounting of courage, sacrifice, and never, ever quitting.


We have seen the low point with MDLC.


This is a chance to see the real high point.


I would propose:

  • An authentic SEAL style reticle
  • Camo pattern from the film
  • Lone Survivor Foundation Patch
  • Lone Survivor Foundation Background


Cost would $5 with $3 being donated to the Lone Survivor Foundation.


This would MDLC worth buying, worth supporting, and 100% in line with the COD ethos.


Lone Survivor Foundation - Never Quit



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