Bring back hq

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Before anyone starts with posting old unseen threads about how we have this already i know, but most of them are so old and not even close to in feed anymore. HQ was such a favorite for alot of players especially in cod4 and im sure alot of them still play and want hq back. And im sure if enough noise is made it will be brought back just like SnD was instead of stupid things like "chaos mode" if we want it back we need to keep it fresh and up on feed to get it noticed, if i knew how to make a poll i would so maybe it would help this get noticed, this game is lacking alot of objective modes that alot of people liked modes like HQ Demo Sab should be staples for CoD so if anyone feel the same way keep this up or even better make more discussions on this and polls thanks i would love to see some of them back!


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