Make the Rewards program opt in- with a well presented reasoning for my idea.

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As some of you may be aware, there is now a rewards program on the forums which since its inception was mostly tailored towards the support forums.


Now I don't have an issue with gamification per se if it is done correctly and professionally. It adds a fun element to a community forum and adds value to the end user  experience . BUT when the gamification is presented as a rewards program that needs the end user of the forum to agree to it's terms and condition as a prerequisite to using the forums for their main purpose.  Then I think that needs to be addressed as you cannot force someone to be a part of something they either don't want to be or have no interest in to start with.


The addition last week of the having to agree to all the legal bumpf associated with the rewards program BEFORE you were able to use the forums took away the basic right all forum users have to make a choice as to whether or not they wanted to be in the rewards program


These forums are and have always been first and foremost a place the community could come to discuss various aspects of the game and Call of Duty as a whole. Nothing should be added or changed that takes away the very ethos of the forums point of being that be first and foremost a discussion forum..



So very simply.. my "idea" is to make the rewards program opt in. That way people who want to can participate, while  the majority of the forum users can go about as they were .


Its a win win for everyone and really can't see how anyone wouldn't agree.





*disclaimer this post has been screenshot for my own personal records and I have tried to ensure no part of it breaks the Forums posted guidelines and rules which I found here Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines


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