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I live in a remote area , Solar Power, Satellite Internet, and needless to say I have a slow connection speed. Playing online is far from an option for me. I love the CoD line of games and primarily play console games due to not needing an internet connection. I have two xbox 360's and network and me ,the wife and two kids hold battle royals a lot. I imagine there are others who do not play online due to a variety of reasons, be it lag, poor sportsmanship or language. I have seen in the past were an offline account / character can not login to an online game due to power lvling and such. But it would be nice to gain rank and change Player Card backgrounds and emblems as bragging rights for the offline gamers. Not I bought the Season pass but due to not having XBOX Gold account I can not gain access to the tag and card items. If there was a separate profile for the OFF GRID folks I think more games would be bought.


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