Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Mechanics + Maps ideas

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With the introduction of the Exosuits in the Campaign and possibly in the Multiplayer as well I would like to give my thoughts on it how to use them in Multiplayer. I think the addition of Exosuits in Multiplayer would be a really cool thing to do and doesn't have to remove the COD experience we loved at all. It could be a very interesting take on the COD feel.


Increasing the movement speed would create faster paced gameplay which is always a good thing, don't make it ridiculously fast but if it's a bit faster it would increase the fast paced action of the game a lot. Adding higher jump mechanics could also create faster paced action and would make it easier to get to a certain point to stay in the action. This doesn't mean I want to see super jumps, I don't want to see them at all to be honest but higher jumping could be a really cool addition to the game.


Wallrunning shouldn't be in the game and I don't expect it to be because it is just a wrong statement from the community made out of the trailer saying it is a copy of Titanfall. We only saw wall climbing whith certain gloves which is something completely different but I don't think this belongs in the Multiplayer and I don't think it will be added.


Having faster movement and higher jumps would clearly force the developers to change their mapdesigns. Faster Movement doesn't mean bigger maps, small and medium maps should still be the main mapdesigns since this design has the best gameplay for Call of Duty. I think adding a bit more of verticality to the game with higher jumps would be a really cool and interesting thing to do. Maybe at some higher platforms and areas, or holes in a certain area so you jump to the higher position.(not talking about getting on rooftops). Maps can still be designed in the classic COD way but only a bit different to make it more interesting but not too different that it will remove the COD feel or the Competitive aspects.


Killtimes should be a bit higher more like BO2 so you have to keep your shots longer on target which means there is more skill involved. Snipers should become one shot kill with a headshot only. Having higher killtimes only works more in the advantage of the snipers which is something that we don't want! BO2 spoiled snipers and made it so easy thanks to the ridiculous amount of aim assist on the snipers. Making snipers headshot only for one shots will bring back skill into sniping and will make it respected again when someone gets a nice clip with it or good gameplay. Shotguns should still be a one hit kill at close but the damage needs to drop off at longer distances like it used to do in older COD games. SMG's should be very effective at close range and Assault Rifles should be effective at medium distances and the semi-auto and burst-fire Assault Rifles should be effective at longer distances like Snipers.


Since Advanced Warfare will be the first real next gen Call of Duty I hope we will finally see real Dedicated Servers with a really good hit detection and lag free gameplay ofcourse.


I really can't wait for Advanced Warfare and I hope the Multiplayer will be very fast paced and action packed without any bullshit like IED's and Target Finders.  It is really looking good so far for Advanced Warfare and I can't wait for the Multiplayer reveal and to see actual gameplay!


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