Alternate Ways of Re-Balancing the Grenade Turret

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the recent patch nerfed the GT to the point of unusable... if it needed a nerf, it shouldnt have been so extreme... i mean, do the developers even play their own game?


these are just a few ways that i feel would have been a fair to re-balance the GT and still keep it effective and competitive...(each bullet is a separate idea,)


  • raise the price to deploy to somewhere between $1500 and $2000, and keep everything else how it was.
  • lower the amount of money earned from GT kills.
  • have it overheat faster and cool down slower.


and there are many more alternatives that could have been taken in balancing the GT...


The Grenade Turret might have needed a nerf...but it didnt deserve to be Neutered.


Anyone else agree?


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