Extinction Loadouts

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I personally use a different loadout on each map, as well as different ones for chaos mode. I believe we should be able to have a "default" we can set up, where you have a list like this:


Loadout     ->     Point of Contact



                          *Future Map 3*

                          *Future Map 4*

                          Chaos Mode


After picking one of these it would take you to the loadout page we have now. If you are in a lobby and choose loadout, it skips to the loadout for that map/mode and any changes you make are saved, but only to that specific loadout.


Example would be using MAAWs on Mayday, but if you join a friend in PoC, you aren't stuck with trinity rockets, it could be sentries, IMS, etc. based on the Point of Contact Loadout you have set up for yourself.


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