Reverse The Last Update!

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So far from doing some exploring in what they changed and listening to people on the forums, about 90% of people request the grenade turret to be fixed. So here is what the update did:


1. Grenade Turret has much faster overheating and needs increased distance to explode. Because of this the grenade turret is now rendered useless.

2. Ripper no longer has a sight on Mayday. It doesn't have anything to indicate where your bullets will go.

3. Chaos Mode on Mayday has the control room doors locked so drops(Ex: +1 abilities) can get stuck there.

4. Locker keys picked up from search boxes will give weapons with no attachments. Locker keys from the armory upgrade will give customized weapons though.

5. Did NOT fix the no aliens on kraken glitch for Mayday.

6. Did NOT fix no drill glitch for window hive on Mayday to get perfect drill protection. 


In perspective of this update, it has only made problems within the game. I suggest they just undo everything that affected extinction. It did not fix the two main glitches in the new map but instead added problems within the game. Does anybody else agree with me?


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