Have access to all unlocked point/scorestreaks

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What if you could access any streak that you have unlocked? Instead of going into a match with only three set options you could have access to anything within the tier you have selected. The process would be like going shopping in game. You bank points or your score then spend them on whatever best fits your team's need. However, to expidite the process you could hotkey the up to three and use them much like you can now and in the past.


To access your options you press left on the D-pad which to my knowledge hasn't had a use in the last 3 titles. Pressing this brings up a menu of all available streaks and displays non-available streaks with the remaining balance left until you can use them.


There are endless benefits to this system with the most beneficial being a more supportive team. The second is a risk/reward system. You can either gamble and try to reach that higher value streak and fail losing everything if you're playing with Assault or you can play it safe and call in lower value streaks and spend your funds too early keeping you from reaching a high value.


Support would work similar to how it does now but with more emphasis on support options. Assault can finally get's it's umph back because with this new system I see a lot of greedy players risking far more often than they logically should. Still though I'd prefer it if Assault isn't nearly as powerful as it was in Black Ops II or MW3.


Specialist is where I think we can get super crafty. It would be hard to have a banking system if you earn a perk every 10 seconds so instead of having 7 or 8 points we up the ante to something a little more complicated. We bring back the "Pro" system but only implement it when you earn a perk through the specialist acquisition. These "Pro" perks are multiple perks packed into one. Much like there are tiers in Ghosts that contain multiple perks "Pro" perks can be a number of useful things. Handling Pro, Speed Pro, Stealth Pro, Awareness Pro, Resistance Pro, and Equipment Pro. The purchase price of these perks depends on your CaC loadout. If you have all your stock perks in Handling it would cost less to purchase it. If you're well balanced then it's really up to you as to what perk you buy.


To me I find all this very balanced. You can be more versatile and more of a role player on your team. Specialist will have a great risk and great reward where as it is now can be wasteful in some cases.


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