The Dreaded Camper we all dislike...

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With all this complaining about camper this and camper got me thinking and asking friends what they thought about putting something in place to help eliminate some of the pesky campers...Lol.. and of course 90% of it was they should blow up and die the theyre camping all game..


Now, as much as we'd all love for this to happen, we know that this cant be done. But my idea came to me just after downloading the VO..


I think theyre should be something in place that if a person sits in one spot for to long and even close to where the action is,Waiting for someone to run by. Than the game voice should give them a little push by saying something along the lines of "What are you doing, Get back in the game Soldier" " Move Nancy" etc... you get the idea.


Not saying this would eliminate camping by any means.. but at the very least it would give them a reminder that theyre playing like a scared rabbit in a lions den.



I understand that fact that everyone isn't a run and gunner and they are players out there that aren't good enough to be in the action and can only get a kill by sneakly sitting in spots to catch us all by surprise..Hense the idea of giving them a little push to get in the action.


Thanks for reading see  u in the battle


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