Can we all agree that the "jump to avoid the IED" is stupid

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I propose we remove it from the game. The amount of damage taken by an IED is already terrible and this nerf has made them completely useless. Even when standing directly over it you still need to inflict roughly 30-40 points of damage to finish someone off which is on average 2-3 bullets. I had one guy take two IEDs and live by jumping. One was on the floor in front of him and the other on the wall beside him. Both IEDs were approximately 3ish feet away.


If the intended purpose of IEDs is maim then I request that IEDs have a stronger blast radius. No less than 20 feet with a max damage of 80 (0 feet) with a full stun effect, 70 (5 feet) half stun effect, 55 (10 feet), and 15 (20 feet). I would then request it to be moved to the tactical section of the Create-a-Class so that Danger Close cannot buff it.


Then, reintroduce Claymores so there's at least some form of lethal that is motion activated.


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