National Leaderboards?

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I've had this in my mind for ages and keep forgetting to post it.


I've noticed heaps of games other than COD now have leaderboards based on your country. I think this would be an awesome addition to Extinction, instead of just besting the world, trying to best individuals who  live in your own country. I play with many friends from my own country (Australia), but i'm the only one who plays for score. I just think this would be so cool, as well as maybe giving them a chance to best their country.


Obviously, if you get a world record, it is also the national record, so I don't mean create it as a completely separate leaderboard, just having them co-exist (e.g., you may be No. 1 in your country, but No. 50 in the world) . It wouldn't harm anyone, but would greatly benefit communities and just in general, friendly competition.


Thoughts? Please vote as well so I know what everyone thinks.


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