Extinction lobby idea

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    So this is for all the afk'rs out there. I propose; a lobby monitor would be nice for people who are in a lobby for more than sum 'X' amount of time(not readying up/afk surfing). These players should automatically get booted from the lobby. This will also eliminate any misconception that an afk'r may possiby be active, when deciding to start a match.

     I know you've been there too. Click find match *bam* all of a sudden you see the load screen without even a chance to ready up or back out. Then, when the match starts you got the one idiot who is afk and ruins it for everyone. Oh, and  you can run it with 3? Let's hope they're not the host and time out.

     Nothing complex, just boot the player from the lobby after say 3 minutes. Heck, if they are still there, they can just search for a match again, simple.






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