Reduce Knifing Speed When Taking Damage

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Even in Ghosts, a game widely regarded as having large maps and open spaces, tight turns and corners are plagued with occurrence of panic knifing, a knee-jerk reaction to being surprised by someone who you happen to run into. It's not a matter of skill and even the slightest trace of lag leaves you defenseless to the very necessary knifing feature in Call of Duty.


More of a problem, is the effect of knife only, Lightweight using knifers who always seem to be slightly off lag-wise. They're movement speed tests the limits of the game and it means that they can knife you from far out distances. You can plug multiple rounds into them and deal heavy damage but once in they engage in the knifing motion you're dead.


You can't really solve panic knifing or lunge knifing but you can mitigate the issue where it strikes the most sensitive nerve, knifing through bullets.


My suggestion is adding a very simple mechanic that slows a player down while they take damage. This means that even if you're using a speedy knife-only class you cannot sprint long distances through bullets and knife you opponent only to go off and hide for a few seconds till you're back to full health and ready to do it again.


I do not feel that all knifing motion should be canceled. Sometimes you have the jump on a guy and to conserve ammo or stealthily take out an opponent you need to knife and sometimes in panic they might get a single shot off. This should not completely prevent you from getting the kill you rightfully deserve. 


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