FINAL Extinction Prestige?

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Just a suggestion that with the release of the next DLC, could we have a final Prestige without the number 31? Like how Black Ops 2 has Master Prestige, and Ghosts MP has a Master Prestige Icon.

So, really, 6 new prestiges, but you gain the 6th on completing 5th Prestige?

Would just make it seem more of a big achievement rather than just, "I'm level 31 waiting for more." The end of our road to being a dedicated Extinction player.

Maybe a background and a patch as well at the end of the line would just be icing on the cake.




Any suggestions for what his could look like as well? I was thinking the official Extinction logo, the one in all the ads before each DLC release,with the smoky/grey alien symbol with the red eyes (it's my icon for the forums)...


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