sugestions (sorry for my english i'm from holland)

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1 I wanne thank you all for all the awesome games from call of duty.

2 I was wondering iff call of duty advance warfare has the option LAN party with 2 ps3's 4vs4

3 how many players can play online on cod aw? 12 players is old skool look @ battle field 24 players or dc universe online they have soooooo many players online @ the same time. I dont know any thing about making a game but I Always say when battle field has the same controls like cod and the cod maps are as big as bf then you have one awsome game!!


but LAN party with advance warfare is a must! please make that in the game!!!!!


I hope it's in the game

much thanks for all the godlike games. you all did a wonderfull job


greets Balutchi


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