Campaign Synopsis integration

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Some folks play a campaign through in one hit - and that's that. No dramas. But, if you are anything like me you have breaks in between playing campaign, sometimes for a day or so. Problem is I end up losing the storyline, I lose the feeling of being part of a story. This has become more noticeable with recent cods due to the use of "time-warped" and multiple character stories. In short I end up feeling that I am just playing missions for the sake of completion.


So, my idea is that in the campaign menu, or indeed in the missions select screen, there should be a clickable button which then shows you a synopsis of the missions you have completed.


"Alpha team are set the task of recovering vital intel on the wearabouts of the villian. Tipped off by MI6 Alpha team embark on a mission in downtown Hantoo. With tank support Alpha team battle their way along the foreshore, ................................


You get the idea


This idea would be further help if certain aspects of the storyline are "press and hold X" choose your own adventure type scenarios.


I'd love Cod campaigns to once again immerse me into the storyline.



NDF offered the idea of using a journal to view campaign progress. I think that would be a very elegant way of doing things


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