Prestige Rewards .

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Well not so many players prestige in many Call of Duty's i think they should promote the prestige by giving prestige reward.

Something like: "this gun can only be unlocked in prestige 6"  give them something unique worth of doing the prestige.

Plus when a call of duty comes out some of the prestige icons look´s really nice good looking but once you prestige you lost your emblem. I was thinking that once you prestige you can use again that icon without losing your actual prestige.

Making the same icon but in copper (Prestige 1-5) silver ( Prestige 6-9) Gold ( Prestige 10)  for example

I like the desing of prestige 4 but if i prestige to five i can use the emblem of prestige 4 but with a copper colored icon.

Is a bit confusing but is just an idea.


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