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    Restarting Over Again

      I'm sorry if there is another topic like this, but I rarely see any. Plus I am kind of retarded with the search function. My apologies.

      Alright so on one of my accounts I have made it to the last prestige and 65. Been there for a while and have been doing fine. I got a bunch of headshots, other challenges and ect... But I am one of those guys that gets bored easy sitting on 65 and just killing with the same weapons over and over. So I made a new account, which means I start over at 1 prestige level 1.

      Well last night me and my buddy were both starting over and playing Team Deathmatch because that is all we could play. Well we played against a few guys one high prestige levels and well we were destroying them. Me and my buddy each had 20+ kills and 10- deaths for like 3 games and beat them each time. They said we were not "noobs" which was right, but then they said we were cheaters.

      Do you guys consider someone who restarts over a cheater?

      They said we must have sucked before so we had to restart to look like "noobs." Which I did not understand that because we kicked them across 3 maps. I just restarted because I got bored with sitting on 65 and it is fun to have much better stats like a 2.0+ K/D ratio and W/L ratio, but that just comes with anybody who restarts over.

      Am I a cheater though?