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    CoD Vietnam is...

      still just a rumor

      Edit 1/09/09: There have recently been quite a few threads concerning CoD 7, Treyarch, Vietnam, and Rumors. Reaper said that this was really starting to get to me...well it is. I just don't like how an idiot would spread a rumor, because then someone else would believe them and they themselves would become idiots. When any information about the call of duty installment is released, it will be from Treyarch or Activision. Let's not worry too much about it, because think about it, what's the difference of knowing about a game 6 months before or 6 weeks before? We wouldn't be able to play it or enjoy it either way. They already have their mindset and we will see what they want us to see when they are ready. Let's go back to the OT that I knew and loved, the random threads with stupid and funny posts. Let's just have fun

      The only factual information derived from Treyarch/Activision is that they are working on the next installment, it will be released on November 11, and from PlanetXbox360<<http://abstract360.com/2009/12/rumored-call-of-duty-vietnam-to-b e-more-story-heavy/>>- the developers are using some technologies and ideas from Modern Warfare. So for those of you Average Joes that like simple, you may be disappointed, and I say to you people=Ha, ha. To those of you who enjoy MW2, I say=High five/1 very nice  If I said it before, I'll say it again, Treyach gets its best ideas from Ifinity Ward *nah, im kidding, i said that maybe once or twice, but i like to exagerate )

      As I've seen, unfortunately, the news or now I should say the rumors have spread quickly. Some sites are leaving out the most important facts-1)its coming from a source that we don't really know 2)Activision didn't even say anything.

      Just hold on tight, we have plenty of time before it comes out. Just do something else, maybe play MW2, or walk that dog you got for christmas, or find a girlfriend, the list is endless