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    No Map Pack 4 (A Relay from the Developer - JD2020)

      There has been much spectacle of a Map Pack 4 Coming out. But unfortunately, Community Manager and Developer of the Critically acclaimed Call of Duty: World at War, Josh Olin (JD_2020) has stated about 2 months back that there will be no further DLC for Call of Duty: World at War.

      For those who do not know what DLC is... DLC stands for Down Loadable Content. DLC can range from Map Packs to Weapon Sets to Character Clothing and etc. But in the link that follows this message, Community Manager Josh Olin has stated:

      JD_2020 wrote:


      Presently there are no plans for further DLC for CoD:WaW. We are tremendously appreciative of all your support through the 3 Map Packs, but at some point we have to shift focus to future projects. We’ll continue to support the game in fixing any cheats / hacks that may pop up, so no worries there.


      I hate to break the bad news to those who did not know, but do not expect a Map Pack 4. Treyarch had to start working on their next Call of Duty Project sooner or later, and that happened when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released, November 10th of last year (2009). Now if you would, please stop spamming the Call of Duty Forums and Zombie Forums with threads demanding Treyarch to make Map Pack 4 because it is not going to happen. It is time to move on and wait for the much anticipated release of the next Call of Duty Game from Treyarch Studios.


      -James Rodriguez (MajorRod)
      Elder Call of Duty Community Member

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