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    The Forum Olympics. (Nominations and Awards, wink, wink)

      *UPDATE* Last chance to vote or edit. Calculations will be in on Taco Tuesday!

      Shadow: WELCOME BACK TO THE 2010 FORUM OLYMPICS. A lot has changed over the years, we have lost some competitors, and this year we have a couple of strong newcomers. So Al Michaels, what do you have to say?
      Al Michaels: Well, I like what I see this year. I'm pretty impressed by Major Rod making 4 star general, and what IVIRtran has done to some of the OPs here is pretty impressive.
      John Madden: Well I don't know, have you seen that Byzantine Bomb? Talk about speech impediment. Can he type a real sentence? But, I think Bob is going to have some Real competition with Snake.
      Shadow: I don't know, I think they're all great. But I tihnk the competition for most annoying person and most spams is already set. Stewy obviously has that in the bag.
      Dennis Miller: Hold on there a second. I'm not so sure about most spams. I've seen a lot of spams in my day.
      Al Michaels: Dennis...you've only been commentating for one year.
      Dennis Miller: You wanna go, boy?
      Shadow: Alright then, I think we'll be back right after a word from our sponsors.

      Upset stomach, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, and indigestion...YEAH PEPTO BISMOL!
      Head on, put it directly on the forehead, Head on, put it directly on the forehead,Head on, put it directly on the forehead.
      Burger King, have it your way.
      Red Bull- it'll give you wings, (and aids!! :o)

      : Welcome back. Now for this year's line up.
      Fastest Community Bans.
      Most bans.
      Most threads locked.
      Most points lost.
      Most spams.
      Funniest post.
      Most creative post.
      Funniest person.
      Most spams.
      Most annoying person.
      Least amount of friends.
      Most amount of friends.
      World's greatest poster.
      Quickest responder.
      And of course, the community's greatest role.

      Do I hear any nominations?

      Important Update!!! We need a brave officer to run through the zombie forumz, sprint over the ps3 forumz just as the little kids come from school, and light the GraS on fire. But who??

      Edit 2010: I'll calculate the results by Friday. Looks like Matt and Stewy are going to be taking the gold. Rod, Bob, and Hawk are still fighting for the spot.
      Now for a moment of silence: Let us honor those who lost their lives in tragic runs before they could represent their countries>

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