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    Why do people like me so much?

      Update #3: October 2 2010: It takes too long to load. 

      Update #2: August 22 2010: 300 friends :cool:

      June 24 2010: Holy crap...
      I now have 216 friends. I gained 116 friends in three months, and I never sent one.
      It just goes to show you, having good threads in the Black Ops sections and posting constructively/intelligently in the Black Ops sections really goes a long way.

      You may be thinking: "Friend requests? Ehh...so? What's the big deal?"
      I'll tell you. All those friend requests and questions from n00bz asking for help really enlarges your e-penis. I'm not the one to gloat, but 116 friends requests in three months! Damn! :shock:

      Two weeks ago, I remember stating how I had exactly 100 friends in some random thread. I currently have 126 friends, and I had not sent any. Just in the past two days I've gotten four friend requests. I only know maybe 50 of the people on my list.

      What is it about me that people like so much? I am sure you guys must know, Is it my enthusiasm?
      My sarcasm?
      My looks?
      My smilies?-
      My jokes?- knock! knock!!
      My Byzantine Bomb impersonations?- "Cool" "Ahh!" ":(" "Uh oh..." "Need a hug?" "Hello"
      My pet- Who by the way is teh cutest kitteh ever: http://www.petside.com/photos/assets_c/2009/09/orange-kitten-thumb-autox477-623 4.jpg
      My trigga finga with the carbine, gewehr, or svt?

      Two more just today, that's 3 in the past few days
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