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    I just watched Capitalism: A Love Story

      I am being serious. I first thought what would happen if I committed suicide. How people I knew would react How the public would react. How long it would last. If I put the fact that I was angry at the government/wall street in my will, and see if I would become a poster child.

      How I can become a strong and powerful military leader, amass a large army of geniuses, scientists, and other productive people, spend at least five years to plan out the new civilization, and kill over six billion people.

      Find out what's in the fridge.

      Then I saw the end. Where was Obama's change? I don't blame him, what can you do, there are so many knots, you can't fix it all. There is an exponential growth of knots, and on top of that, it's made of invisible wire, so you can't do anything about most, if not all, of it.

      I have a good life. My parents were/are hard working. I know I will live a good life. Now I have to buy some anti-depressants. Great. Maybe I'll put that on a credit card. Won't make a difference now.

      I wonder what I'll write in Bomb's dream log tomorrow.