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    Don't miss me too much...APRIL FOOLS!!! HA HA HA

      That's right. I think I'm going to take a break from this site for at least a month. Sunday I will have a farewell party, and Monday I shall depart. What can I say...? I'm going to miss you guys *cough *cough.

      Where do I start? Well, I'll just go down the list.

      @Byzantine Bomb: I'm going to miss those hugs.

      @Picture Frame: I'll remember the fact that you laughed at one of my jokes, even though it wasn't a joke. But, it's the thought that counts.

      @MajorRod: I'll never forget the "under-the-counter" discounts to all those Apple products.

      @SnakeDoctor: You have one of the deepest impact on me. You are the reason as to why there is a cup of jello next to me as I type.

      @Void: I'll remember the good times, and the fact that you said this "I don't hate you." But don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

      @Jinx's Sister: I just don't think a long distance relationship will work.

      @Mattks: I'll always keep those 'Board warning issue' notices by my desk and close to my heart. Also, I'll always remember that distinctively appealing bold font of yours.

      @Chefs: Green looks good on you.

      @Hornswoggled: I barely knew you, which is why I will most likely miss you the most.

      @KromeSpencer: May you live a happy life and never get a hit-marker again.

      @Stewy: Whatever it was you were looking here for, I hope you found it before getting banned.

      @IVIRgirl: I'm sorry, but it just never would have worked. It's time to move on.

      @FireStorm: I hope you are found alive and can continue your electrifying battle with Bob.

      @Bob: Where did you hide the body?

      @Evil: Thanks for those moose antlers.

      @The other Evil: Stay evil.

      @Reaper: I will remember those crazy nights in the mountains when we went barebacking, I mean backpacking.

      @daHawk: You had some pretty informative and complex threads/posts that were very helpful to new comers so that they can understand the forums, games, and rules. I'm sorry you wasted your time.

      @Horrorman: I never understood your name because you always seemed so cheerful...oh well.

      @Powder: If possible, mail me some cookies. The "good" ones, please.

      @JediMaster: I'm glad we finally reached positive terms. If I knew all I had to do was rate you five stars, I would have done it a while ago.

      @Troll-Kitteh: I hate you http://www.milehimama.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/troll-kitteh.jpg

      @CloudTM: There is something I like about you that I just can't put my finger on.

      @IVIRtran: You finally got it through my head that you don't like me. Congrats. I have nothing to say to you.

      @Samo94: Xbox was the right choice.

      @Trinity: I appreciate your positive attitude and actually believing I'm funny.

      @Xtreme: Thanks for posting in that "Save Shadow" thread a while back.

      @Sfc Speddy: I didn't like that sushi anyways, enjoy!

      To all that I missed, I apologize.
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