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    The Simpsons & Off Topic

      I´m a big Simpsons Fan. Every time I watch the Simpsons, it reminds me on Off Topic. Don´t ask why...
      So here are my thoughts I have about "Who is Who" from "The Simpsons" characters in Off Topic.
      This thread is made to have a little bit fun, and no one should get offended or annoyed at all. What do you think Who is Who from The Simspons in Off Topic, just post your thoughts about. No double nominations.
      It took me a while to make this thread, so don´t post any fail or epic fail. Just have fun...

      Abraham Simpson - Snakedoctor59, Snakedoctor57
      Homer Simpson - Horrorman (I kinda feel so sometimes...)
      Marge Simpson - Weird_Guy
      Bart Simpson - Hornswoggled
      Lisa Simpson - Dont-Shoot_Me23
      Maggie Simpson -
      Patty Bouvier -
      Selma Bouvier -
      Ned Flanders - reaper2792
      Maude Flanders - 19andGreen
      Todd Flanders -  -PictureFrame-
      Rod Flanders - -PictureFrame-
      M. Van Houten (Millhouse) - Byzantine Bomb
      Apu Nahasapeemapetilon - dtuchpunk
      Clancy Wiggum - MajorRodriguez
      Ralph Wiggum - Ivirtran
      C.M Burns - Daniel WW2
      Carl Carlson - Darkshadow (moved from Apu...)
      Comic Book guy - RFlaherty
      Barney Gumble - CloudTM
      Dr. Julius Hibbert - SoylentBob
      Edna Krabapell -
      H. Krustofski (Krusty) - manogman3
      Otto Mann - MaTtKs
      Lenny Leonard - II Foxhound II
      Nelson Muntz - Monkin_Out
      Martin Prince - JediMaster Shark
      Seymour Skinner - N8-N
      Waylon Smithers - Firestorm_214
      Mo Szyslak - Trinity30 (forgive me...)
      R. Terwilliger (Sideshow Bob) - IntoTheVoid (moved from C.M. Burns until he returns.)
      Willie Grounskeeper - Evil_Eskimo
      Fat Tony - Kamchakka
      Dr. Nick - Ficko88
      Rainier Wolfcastle - soul_crusher144

      don´t vote for

      Scratchy The Cat
      Santa´s Little Helper
      Itchy The Mouse
      Snowball II

      We do not have that much women/girls on here, so feel free to noiminate one, If you know one...

      Sorry when I forget someone, I may edit it or make additions later...
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