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    <<<The Official Best Thread of the OT>>>

      Woah! Before you rate me one star, read, this is not the best thread...Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let me explain. Here, in this thread, the greatest thread of OT history shall be chosen.

      The way it will be chosen will be based on a democratic vote, one per person, that will be explained in depth later when the time comes.

      *One may NOT choose their own thread.
      *Deleted threads/locked threads may NOT be chosen either.
      *There may only be ONE nomination per person.
      *Threads chosen should have their title in the post, along with the link.
      *Nominations will only be accepted from myself, Generals, GraS, Byzantine Bomb, and anyone else that I mentioned in my earlier "Don't miss me too much" thread. However, all community members may vote.

      So, what will be it? Wasted A Moment V.5.2? Graphics: Overclocking For Nubs Expert Needed? Tacos? It can be just about anything, anytime.