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    A noObs guide to OT

      New to Off Topic? Our unofficial forum etiquette guide

      Forum etiquette means maintaining a standard of posting behavior that is acceptable and appropriate. Forum etiquette can be flexible, according to the subject of the forum, but there are certain standards most people expect others to maintain. Some lines must be drawn for the safety of all posting on the forum.

      One of the staunchest rules of forum etiquette is not double posting.  When double posting does occur a kitteth sacrifice must be offered up to Evil Eskimo. Or to Evil_Eskimo

      Search Button? Use it. If you don't know how start a thread asking how it works.

      Never start a 3 word story thread or for that matter any ‘game thread in OT. This is probably the most serious breach of forum etiquette and most trolls take it very seriously.

      You can disagree with someone's opinions, calling that person an idiot or a noob name is acceptable  forum etiquette. Hijacking a failed thread or changing the tread topic to “What’s for lunch”  is never the wrong thing to do.

      Posting favorite war movie threads over and over again d is also a flaming offense.

      Gras, friends of Gras, are not allowed to use their real flag. WHY? idk it's just a tradition.  Others aare welcome to follow, or not.

      Trolls are always in flagrant violation of forum etiquette and enjoy disturbing the peace at any forum where they post. Trolls tend to spam, call names, gossip about other posters, post things that are deliberately provocative and usually that violate the forum's rules about posting... hahahhahha lololol just kidding.

      One word posts- including ‘lol’ are automatic fail. Not kidding.

      Another violation of forum etiquette is not paying Jinx’s Sister before a date. She is always cash up front. Get used to it.

      SoyBob is smarter than you.

      Snake is older than you (and GTFO his lawn)

      Canada is not a real country.

      The story about Snake and Void spending a weekend together in Paris will remain unconfirmed.

      If you list names in a post exclude Void. This is called "Snubbing", and it is a requirement. Any list containing Void will be reported for violating CoC. Bans will be handed out.

      Jinx really is a cop.  But not the bike shorts cop in Reno 911.  I made that part up.

      Krawl has boobies, we have just never seen pics.

      Favorite OT foods are ham sammies, jell-o, tacos and bacon.  And yes you can have bacon in jell-o.

      If you flame, you must be willing to get flamed. 

      There is no crying in OT.

      Thankfully many of you noobers will disregard these instructions giving us all months of OT enjoyment.

      Amendments- No poems, stories. or fictional fantasies of you and any COD character.  (Thanks to Ghost for this one)

      No complaint threads about forum formating changes.  (see the no crying rule)

      No 'House' threads as in SnakeDoc's House. etc etc .  They are egocentric and suck.  Even if you are a mod.

      No Zombie threads. No exceptions. They all suck.

      Links to your COD Youtube channels are very welcome.  We will flame the hell out of them... but  linkaway...

      No Slack shall be cut, except by Reaper.  But, he will pay for it dearly.
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