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    A good deed every day !?

      Today I think I did a good deed. One of my co-workers mother died yesterday, and my fellow colleague came to work today again. He didn´t came yesterday...
      Today he wasn´t really able to do much. So I asked him, if he wanted to go home, and stay at home for the rest of the week, until he is feeling any better.
      He doesn´t wanted to go, because he had a lot to do. So I told him he can go, and I´m doing his work. Yea he left...I´m feeling good now

      So, what was your good deed today or yesterday, last week, or whenever...on what you are really proud of ?

      Off Topics list of good deeds.:

      Horrorman - I send a co-worker home, and he do not get payed for.
      hqWeedEater - he let a crackhead leaving the courthouse for having a smoke.
      ficko88 - on the way to make a good deed.
      soul_crusher144 - he can´t remember anymore.
      IntoTheVoid - hmmm...with ugly chicks.
      Hornswoggled - he ate some KFC in front of some Fat chicks on a treadmill.
      An Oreo - 3 deeds in one day -> he let an aboriginal use his phone, and he he gave em water and light.
      DanielWW2 - he feels sorry for Crafty.
      reaper2792 - he was trying to kill a truck driver with some boxes...sure, he is GRaS