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    Hardcore Category Players - Read this

      If you don't play the Hardcore variant of the game, this thread is not for you.

      I am setting up the Hardcore playlists today. The base version. Call it version 0.1 and remember that we can change playlists all day long.

      We had been a couple of threads about this early on but unless I am working on that part of the game that hour/day/week/month it's tough to keep track of it all since the Forums are so big.

      Hardcore game mode variants.

      Do we:

      1. Keep it how it has been and allow Team Killing (but also kick you out after team killing more than N number of times like we always do)

      2. Turn on Reflect damage. If you shoot a Friendly player YOU take the damage for it. Most of the time it's a 1 hit kill, of course. Your dead if you shoot a friendly.

      3. Turn on shared damage. I believe this splits the damage equally between you and the team mate. I'd have to do more testing since I don't use this setting often.

      4. Disable friendly fire entirely.

      Hardcore is hardcore. Team killing is part of the landscape. But, so is a bunch of jackholes who come into Hardcore to ruin your fun.

      We still disable grenade launchers and similar explosives at the start of rounds from doing damage. I think we still kick you out of the game if you shoot a friendly near the round start and whatever else we did on World at War.

      Please keep this simple. 15 new suggestions on how to deal with this won't actually help me because I'm not adding new to the game. Also, telling me "I want one of each" is also not very helpful.

      What I am doing now is taking what we have and applying it "correctly" with feedback from you. The above 4 things is what I can do.

      Friendly fire: On, Off, Reflect, or Shared.

      Pick one. Ready fight....

      David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar
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