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      I know I'm not alone in feeling that the admins haven't given a lot of face time to addressing what will be done about cheating on Black Ops. The various Cheating/Hacking/Modding ruined Modern Warfare 2, and I for one have no intention on spending money on another game where the developers have no intention of doing anything to stop rampant abuse of the system. I'd greatly appreciate someone addressing the following;

      -Gamertag modding. I'm tired of going into an MW2 lobby and seeing gamertags of all different colors, most of which are hacked to say the most vile, racist, salacious offensive crap imaginable. The rest are gamertags composed of button labels that stretch across your screen and are incredibly distracting during gameplay. Is this really so hard to stop? Is there a way we can report people who do it?

      -Prestige hacking. For those of us who reach upper prestige levels legit after hundreds of hours of actual gameplay, we're tired of the 10th prestige lobby, and more than anything, I'm tired of getting 5 messages a day from 12-year olds who have hacked the system. Honestly, we can't stop preteens from cheating their way to the top of the rankings? This is infuriating. I stopped at 9th prestige on MW2 because I knew people would assume I hacked my ranking if I went all the way through 10th. Seeing a 10th prestige should be significant. On MW2 I'm quite sure at least 50% of the 10-70's are fake. Will this be an issue on Black Ops?

      -Are you guys thoroughly testing the maps for glitches? We don't want cheaters going under the map, outside the map, hiding inside walls, etc. The "Resurgence Pack" came out how long ago, and IW has done nothing about the rock glitch on Fuel.

      -Will you be doing consistent maintenance on the wins/kills/score leaderboards? To people like me who value our stats on the game after days worth of playing time, MW2 is an albatross. There are literally thousands of hackers at the top of every leaderboard, making the stats on that game completely irrelevant. How difficult is it to simply go into the system and click 'delete' on these jerks' hacked names? This is a biggie.

      -As an aside, will the leaderboards go back to being separated by game type? I LOVED this about World at War. As someone who plays a specific game type most of the time, I don't care about my overall wins total, I care about my wins total in Domination and where I rank there specifically.

      I share the community's excitement for Black Ops, but after enduring (which is the only way to put it) Modern Warfare 2's many critical errors that went unchecked for the entire 10 months the game has been out, it would be nice to have confidence that the people running the multiplayer game actually give a **** this time around.