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    Recording Gameplay with comentary issue's

      Hello everyone, im having a hard time using the Call of Duty Black Ops [PC version] gameplay footage and uploading it to youtube

      The theater rendering is bugged in a lot of way's, first of all i cant set it to 1080dpi and higher framerate
      (i have almost everything on max settings 1920x1080 ... and my pc runs cod bo with a 80ish framerate so i dont doubt that my pc's performance is the issue here)

      the current way i upload vid's to youtube is:
      Play game -> view in theater mode -> record that with Fraps -> Resize it with AVS converter -> upload to youtube
      example of one of my uploads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaPlAwLSBSc
      while it could be Play -> render -> upload
      i always try to avoid Fraps because of the large files specially when recording for a longer time

      also a thing, i dont know any recording program exept for fraps that supports recording Call of Duty Black Ops games (same issue with mw2)
      is this fixable or is this a problem because it doesnt run 100% great on the pc, u can clearly see its made for consoles
      so when recording with lets say BB flashback pro i just get a black screen, FIXable ?

      is this a general problem ? i heard that xbox360 and ps3 dont have this problem but that could be wrong

      besides that are there any skilled comentators here that know how i should record comentary's from black ops ?
      i tried with BB flasback pro but that failed a bit cuz im a newb at recording
      Play game -> view in theater mode -> record that with Fraps -> Resize it with AVS converter -> watch with VLC media player and use BB flashback pro to record the game, webcam, voice audio

      could use a little help over here ;D

      Thanks in advance

        Regards,    Flujor