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    your own zombie perk

      i created this topic to hear what others want to have in zombies as a perk so please post your perks hear remember being creative is welcomed hear so dont be afraid to post enjoy... hears my custom made zombie perk.
      keen eyes energy drink
      a  bubbling blast of energy to keep you awake and your eyes open.
      increases your hip fireing accuracy by 25% and your aim down the sights speed by 25%. cost 1500
      it can be bought again to become its pro perk to double the %'s and will make you switch weapons twice as fast. cost 2000 can only bought 2 times
      what they say
      rictofen:yes i feal the blast of energy waaa!!!!!
      nicoli:gaa this tate like old vodca
      takeo:only a true warrior can master the art of energy.
      Dempsey:this is really starting to piss me off thease drinks and stuff
      jingle:if your always down bring your self up just guz the the energy down
      enjoy my perk idea and remember to post on your own  :P 
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          Name: Perk-a-Cola
          Cost: $10,000
          Duration: Until your dead
          What it does: Gives you all perks (even idea perks that the community suggested )
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            i read about this perk someone thought there would be and it seemed awsome. its called FastFeetFruitFizz it is marathon and lightweight combined. Also it has an awesome name FastFeetFruitFizz.
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              Flak and Shrapnal
              Does: increases the damage your explosive do, but decreaces the damage from explosives you take (cooking a gernade to long still kills you)
              Cost: 3000
              Jingle: You keep takin' damage from your weak explosive
              Bring more boom to the party
              but have nothin' to fear
              Drink raw Cfouuurrr.
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                Not really a Perk-A-Cola more of a gamble machine.
                Power UP!
                It.. - Randomly shoots out a Power Up.

                Effect - There is a chance of getting the best Power Up which is Max Ammo or the worst which is Anti-Max Ammo.

                Cost - 1000

                Power Ups:


                Double Points


                Max Ammo

                Anti-Power Ups:

                Anti-Carpenter - Destroys all barriers and you are unable to rebuild them for 15 seconds.
                If you obtain a Carpenter this will be ineffective.

                Anti-Double Points - Halves all the points you earn for 15 seconds.
                If you obtain a Double Points while this is active points won't be Doubled.

                Anti-Nuke - Brings all Zombies you've killed that round back to life.
                If you obtain a Nuke while this is active it will only kill the BTL Zombies.

                Anti-Max Ammo - Removes all players extra rounds for 15 seconds.
                If you obtain a Max Ammo this will be ineffective.

                Features - It is similar to the Speed Cola but wider and it's colors are Black and Dark Purple.The logo is a lightning bolt with an arrow on it pointing up.It also has all Power Up logos on it that can be obtained. (Max Ammo and Double Points on the left and right sides of the logo and Carpenter and Nuke on the sides of the machine)

                Notes - It has a wheel inside of it and it has Carpenter, Double Points, Nuke, and Max Ammo logos on the wheel as well as the "Anti" versions, the only difference between the Originals and the "Anti" versions is it has an Anti logo over them the wheel also has a "Power DOWN" symbol that features a Lightning Bolt that has an arrow on it pointing down this shuts down the "Power UP!" machine and activates one around the map, there are 3 in total.It is impossible to get "Power DOWN!" on your first spin.
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                  name:JUMP UP!!! COLA
                  effect:jump 50 feet higher
                  jingle:when you wanna get high and your feeling really low buy JUMP UP COLA!!! and end it all
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                    One Man Army Pro
                    Description: replenish everything you have in 3.5 seconds, create and save custom classes with the weapons you have gotten in the match. Taken out by pressing Down on the Dpad.

                    Cost: 5000
                    Description: Gives you 5 times more health and you regain health faster.

                    Description: 100 grenades roll towards zombies when you go down and die. You cannot hurt yourself with this perk.

                    Description: Red bull gives you wing to fly around the map.
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                      Makes You rebuild barriers faster

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                        Stopping Power Wodka

                        Costs: 3000

                        Effects: Increases your damage, for the weapons AND knife. Explosions excluded.

                        Dempshey: "Ah what ever.. I already kick ass!"
                        Nikolai: "It doesn't taste like wodka"
                        Richtofen: "In times like this, I am allowed POWER!"
                        Takeo: "Nikolai, I just took your drinks"
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                          Cost: 1500

                          More accurate crosshairs, decreased bullet spread when hipfiring and reduced recoil when ADS
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                            Andy Bash92
                            Second Life
                            Cost: 4000
                            When you die You keep all of your wepons if your team survives the wave.
                            Once you die once
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                              Well this would be called "Runner Up" Basically its Marathon Pro so unlimited run. and Lightweight Pro for no Fall damage.
                              Nicolai "Now i have Speed and Muscle"
                              Dempsy "Why run? i can just kill them"
                              Ricotofen" HAHA CHASE ME MY CHILDREN!"
                              Takeo "I feel like a thousand winds. thank you ancestors"

                              2nd one is called "No Give" which you get to use your primary when you go down and u keep all ur perks but u lose "No Give" on revive
                              Nikolai "i can go down and get right back up haha"
                              Dempsy"No need for a second try"
                              Ricotofen"Why do i feel sick of these drinks?"
                              Takeo "i will fight to the death!"


                              My 3rd one is called "Pack Mule" in which it is scavenger pro without the replenish part. just extra mags and ammo. and when you get it you get max ammo instantly (one time only if u have the perk already u cant get it for max ammo)
                              Nikolai "I feel Really Really heavy now."
                              Dempsy "Even More **** to kill with"
                              Ricotofen "BULLETS MORE BULLETS!"
                              Takeo "I dont know if i can carry this much"


                              my final one is called "Discount" all weapons random boxes and other drinks are now 10% - 20% off
                              Nikolai "Ill drink for discounts anyday"
                              Dempsy "i guess this could help with the guns and ****"
                              Ricotofen "mmmm i guess i could just buy this"
                              Takeo "My ancestors will take care of the rest of the bill"

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                                Vodka breath:Kills zombies who go to close for 1 ime only in a round 
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                                  A S H pwn all
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                                    Name: Baragons bite.

                                    Does: gives you speed and invincibility for 20 seconds, and all zombies take little damage every hit they do to the player.

                                    jingle: get some speed, get some juice

                                    you gotta get your A** in reverse.

                                    thorny boring, PLOW THEM ZOMBIES DOWN!!!

                                    get some speed, get some juice, mow those zombies down, with the baragons bite!

                                    Extra: if you have all the perks, including this, it will give you X3 health.

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                                      Name: zombie RunnerNog

                                      Does: allows you to run over zombies whilst sprinting

                                      Jingle: mow those Mother F***ing zombies down, and grab some zombie runner!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

                                      Special: doubles the damage of the Zeus Cannon

                                      Extra: all zombies that explode, now don't, if you run them over.

                                      Super extra: the flame from a m2 flamethrower now Is blue and MORE powerful. even when pack-a-punched.

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                                        Name: Dovahkin colada

                                        Does: Allows you to "shout" (from skyrim look it up) the zombies away once every minute.

                                        Jingle: Skyrim - Dovahkiin (Dragon Born) FULL SONG - YouTube (start at 2:20)