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    Ideas for the next COD

      It seems a new title is pumped out every year and IMO I like the Modern Warfare theme (MW - MW2 - B-Ops), but what would you like to see in the next title ?

      Here are a couple quick thoughts:

      1. More interaction with the map. Like....
      - Opening and closing doors
      - C4 (or other high explosive) may blow open a wall or collapse a small building
      - Some really dark locations that require NVG's
      - Something like Jungle (Black OPS map) with a deeper stream and you can hold your breath for a limited time
      - Maybe Urban Environment, with other people (non-player characters) hiding and running for cover....  of course there is a penalty for shooting them. But it might slow down those with itchy trigger fingers.... like in HC.
      - What about the ability to "Play Dead" or After killing an enemy....  you put on their Uniform and look like an enemy ?
      - Some locations you can rappel down (or up) buildings and enter through windows, normally unreachable ?
      - Perhaps one or two really BIG maps, that either forces you to use Tac Insert or is intended for almost solely Sniper Rifle use.

      2. Theme..... hmmmmm,
      - Maybe something like Aliens with Space Marines; really dark foreign location... like another planet?  (Not another Halo, but a little more futuristic)
      - Perhaps based on S.E.A.L. or other Anti-Terrorist Combat
      - Maybe like S.W.A.T., a more urban combat.... Law Enforcement on a drug bust
      - (This one is a stretch) Imagine a mix of games rolled into one. I like the stealthy missions like in Splinter Cell, maybe the ability to walk amongst other civilians in disguise, like Assassins Creed 2 Brotherhood..... you don't know who your enemy is until they make their move. Tons of possibilities here....  I don't know how far "We" COD fans would want to stray away from open combat.

      3. Mission / Game Ideas... like Single player missions meet Multiplayer, team vs team
      - Like in Halo.... VIP game mode... where you have to protect the VIP from the assaulting team or free hostages.
      - Large Scale War ....  where there are NPC's running around, tanks, other combat vehicles, etc..

      Ok, I wrote enough......... lets hear your ideas ?