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        60. Re: Wii Disc Drive Failures and How Nintendo is Helping Out

        SH-TBLOCK wrote:


        Hey buddy, my Wii finally broke down last week. I knew about this post and read it again before calling. Nintendo fixed it for free and I didn't have to send it in. I went to their service provider in NY state in Syracuse. I had it fixed within hours and all I paid for was some gas, and lunch at Applebee's, lol...good looking out and thxs again!

        Oh jeez, I wasn't even aware that yours broke down.  I had seen you on the GoldenEye Activision forum and didn't think anything of it.  Regardless, it is great to hear that everything turned out!

        *For those of you looking for Wii disc drive failure information, see first post of this topic.*
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          61. Re: Wii Disc Drive Failures and How Nintendo is Helping Out
          I'd like to add to the discussion if I may....

          Had the same BlOps "error screen of death" occur while playing last Saturday night (2/19/11). Afterwards, no other WIi disc would even load.

          The following day (thanks for being open 7 days a week, Nintendo), I called the regular tech support line (800-255-3700). I assume this is where one reaches bottom level Support, as the guy on the other end was clueless to the COD issue, even after describing the situation as documented here & mentioning that this subject was active both on the official COD forum as well as Nintendo's own tech support forum. Out of warranty repair would run me $75 + s&h.

          Support guy eventually put me on hold while he "contacted a supervisor". 5 minutes later, I am told they are "making an exception" & will do the fix for free. Ninty emailed me the RMA info & FedEx label. Sent the Wii off Monday 2/21, along w/ BlOps & Goldeneye 007 discs & package arrived @ NOA's Chatsworth, CA facility the next morning (I'm in central CA, BTW - hence the quick delivery & assumed quick return). Since then, Support has posted my repair info online - sure enough, the optical drive (a $75 value!! ) & one additional free part are being installed for free. Was told by Support that my Wii will have a new 1 yr warranty & save data/WiiShop account info will remain intact - as a precaution, I did copy all moveable save data/Channels to an SD card prior to shipping.

          Anyway...my guess is the "tech hotline" number posted by the OP (1-800-895-1672) reaches a higher level of Support, as this is NIntendo's specific Wii WiFi tech line. So if this happens to you, save the hassle of haggling w/ lower level Support & call 1-800-895-1672.
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            62. Re: Wii Disc Drive Failures and How Nintendo is Helping Out

            enfieldpwn1 wrote:


            no!!!!!!!!!!! u mean to tell me a bought a brand new wii with extended warranty for 220$ (christmas money and savings and selling some games)  and i cud hav got it repaired for  free with new game!!!??????? fml!!!!!!

            This is why they "require" a mature adult (18 or older) read their contract agreements and agree to them before activating internet on your Wii... most everything you wan to know about what to do and not to do is in there in unmistakable english. Considering your particular grasp of english, you couldn't have agreed to the requirements listed, and probably voided your contract anyways by doing something idiotic like downloading homebrew.
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              63. Re: Wii Disc Drive Failures and How Nintendo is Helping Out
              will u please call it in for me....., im afraid to :/ but if u will i will send u info in an email to tell them......
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                64. Re: Wii Disc Drive Failures and How Nintendo is Helping Out
                oh ya BTW it was from black ops it was 3 days after i got the game. i got it like november something
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