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        620. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
        First and most important is that while falling/invincible you shouldn't be able to do anything ( shoot, knife, etc.). Another thing is that not every player should be able to revive. It makes it so everyone's a medic and it shouldn't be that way. Another option is to limit it to being helped up once per life or either reseting or anding their current killstreak. Now that I think about it reseting would be bad because it may allow a player to get dogs twice without dying. Love how you're getting the community involved in this
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          621. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
          I think sight blurring and slower reactions are a gerat idea while in SC. I would also like the ability to capture an objective turned off while in SC.
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            622. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
            Shotguns at point blank range (not headshots) should be able to completely negate SC.
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              623. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
              @ vahn

              ok then how about this. since the invulnerability is intentional and wont be removed to give the person the opportunity to actually use second chance, how about making it so that the player who is using it cant kill the one shooting at them either?

              it is extremely unfair for the person that is going into second chance to be able to shoot the enemy in that *invulnerability stage*, when the person shooting him cant touch him due to that.

              i would like it removed but since that is not an option (even though it was a mistake in the first place), then make it so the one with last stand cant shoot either until fully in second chance. it would be much more fair.

              as for the shotgun, it should be a OHK from like 2-3 yards away regardless. i dont care what the hell you say about it being *random*.  a shotgun blast from that close of range is like a barrett .50 cal from 100 yards away. it will put a good sized whole in you.

              i ran around with the olympia and python one game and ran into a couple people using second chance. what happened? i was about 2-3 yards away and emptied both barrels as i got closer. the other player went into second chance, so i pulled out my python and emptied 3 rounds just to kill him. and this happened most of the game.

              if that doesnt say something about second chance and shotguns, i dont know what does.

              and you cant go looking at code saying *well we didnt see it in the code as a problem*. WE as the players are not looking at code when we post the problems we see. WE are looking at what is happening in game. until you see what we see in game then there are no excuses about code.
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                624. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                Personally I refuse to use second chance because I feel that it is cheap much like grenade launchers/noob tubes.  None the less after reading this I understand why it is in the game and should not be removed.  Instead I believed that the time you pull out your pistol should be lengthened.  In other words when the player hits the ground it takes them 2 to 3 seconds to whip out there pistol and fire back.  There is nothing more frustrating than shooting a guy that goes into last stand while you have to reload and have no time to find cover.  Thus this 2 to 3 seconds could give you that extra moment to reload or run for cover.  Thank you for your time and I hope you'll consider this proposal.
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                  625. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                  everyone gets mad over SC but as Vahn said there are "thoughts" of adjusting the perk. The only counter for it is headshoting the guy but maybe if shotguns didnt put someone into SC it would level that type of gun out with it. the only real problem is when you put them into SC they were ab;e to shoot their primary. I feel you shouldn't "ads" when falling back into it but once you hit the ground you can then aim and shoot wherever. honestly SC is not hard to avoid but i guess thats just how i fell thanks everyone also thanks Vahn for that last patch on snipers they work amazing now keep up the good work everyone
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                    626. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                    In my opinion, Please leave 2nd Chance the way it is. I believe its tweeked down enough. Any more and it would be like taking away the pistol.  As you said:

                    It's a "perk". Look up what perk means. It needs to offer something.

                    Why people have such a fuss over the perk I will never know :?      But what ever you decide, please do not change the revive time, making it so you can only be revived once.  That takes away the "Medic" ability  that I love most, or what makes it special!!  Its like you stated:

                    In a sick way, 2nd chance is insurance against one hit kill weapons. It also rewards teamwork.

                    "You cant win them all" Every now and then your going to get killed by it. (Thats the whole point; getting a 2nd chance to fight back  ;) 

                    While im here id like to make a quick request for more HC mods (groundwar,and moshpit would be awsome plz)

                    Thanks for time :)
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                      627. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                      Personally, I think if 2nd Chance wouldn't let people fire for about .3 seconds, that would prevent people from falling and killing their would-be murderer instantly. That might just modify the perk enough that people can still use it for its' main purpose, but it won't be used as a 'get-out-of-jail" card.
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                        628. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                        Remove the BS and replace it by an OMA pro version without noobtube / rpg recycling abilities, not that it really matters with flak jacket in the game. Would be nice to have when you need to switch to a strela class too. SC is just utter nonsense, it describes unfair bs.
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                          629. Re: 2nd Chance - Tuning Considerations
                          Hey, op, I like this thread. Many good ideas.

                          So, as for my suggestion, what about allowing Hardened to bypass SC? It would make sense in allowing bullet penetration to negate a wounded position. Also, add a "wait till fire" feature like the guy above me said.

                          I know it might be weird to see a perk that negates another perk, but it would help increase usage of Hardened.

                          Now, I have a question, and I'm sorry if asked already (I only read op and the last post), but do killstreaks bypass Sc? I meen things like chopper gunner/gunship, KSR that use bullets.
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