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    Game Searches Changing for Everyone ? Mattks ?

      I have noticed yesterday ALL of the games overnite that the amount of games in the search for new lobbies was around 8 to 10, sometimes as low as 3 total games searched. This is Texas Time from 12 midnight to 8 AM and in Merc TDM.

      Now about a half hour ago the SAME thing happened. In almost all searches there were around 2 to 5 games searched that the game attempted to join.  When usually there are either 50 or 100 games that are attempted.

      I was in a lobby where our team lost 2000 to 7500 so I left that lobby and the game searched for 50 and put me back in that lobby. So then I backed out of the lobby and every search immediately gave me about 3 or 4 games it tried to join and put me in a lobby by myself as opposed to the normal 50. And the game I was able to join had people from Japan in a majority of the lobby.

      I have seen a thread two weeks ago where it happened with no reasoning behind it.

      Just curious and not hating it, but anyone else seen this ??