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    ***Looking For a Good ZOMBIES Clan? Join [NZP]!***

      Hello, fellow Zombie-killer,

      Are you a good Zombie player, tired of whiny 9-year old kids screaming at you to revive them when they go down 10 times
      before Round 5? Do you want to play with good players for once?
      There's a simple solution:




      The Nazi Zombie Pros [NZP] is a clan for the (Nazi) Zombies game mode on the Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops video games. We are a dedicated clan whose members are as “pro” as it gets with the focus of reaching high rounds and discovering new things through teamwork and skill while overall having a fun time. The Nazi Zombie Pros Clan was founded May 7th, 2011, by The Nazi Zombie Pro.


      * You must be a pro - This is the most important requirement. "Pro" means you must be a great player; one who aims for high levels and reaches those levels through teamwork, dedication, and skill. A pro is someone who has reached at least Round 25 on every map. We don't need players who reach Round 15 and call themselves pro, or players who go down 20 times per game.

      * You must be a team player - This is very important. [NZP] does not accept players who are all about themselves and play selfishly by doing things such as stealing kills, not attempting to revive downed teammates, running of by oneself (if not part of the strategy).

      * You must have a mic - A mic is necessary to ensure strong teamwork and unselfish play.

      * You must be mature - We don't like discriminating to anyone, but a 13 and up age limit is necessary to ensure good, fun games. People under 15 typically curse for no reason, have bad teamwork, and/or quit in the middle of games.

      If you meet the above requirements, then please register an account and introduce yourself by posting a thread in the New Members board, describing what systems you own, your GamerTag/PSN/Username, some of your records, your time zone and when we can expect you to be online, and perhaps a little about yourself so our community can get to know you.

      Thank you for your time.

      TESTIMONIALS from Our "Feedback" Board

      That this clan was only founded this year and its so organized. With the way you guys run this so smoothly I wouldve thought it had taken years to develop. Hats off to all the Staff that help make this a wonderful place where all zombie players can unite

      Yea this clan has only been up for 2 months and its very well organized

      Gotta love the staff :P

      There Is No Doubt PRO That You Have Done An Amazing Job Forming This Clan Together... We're All Like The "Justice League" Of COD: Zombies LoL! NZP Rules! Hoorah!

      well if i may break the ice for this feedback place.

      I joined a week and a half ago, maybe? and i was browsing on the CoD forums (and yes this is leading somewhere) anyway, i seen the NZP recruiting page on the CoD forums and I seen like 3-4 trolls saying that this clan is trash and blah blah blah, i ignored that and i thought, "why not, ill try this clan thing out."

      To be honest, it was an awesome decision, I've made new friends that wants to play zombies, and the most part everyone is awesome here, I don't regret joining this clan. This is a laid back awesome community of players that want to get to high rounds and have fun with it, don't believe what the trolls say because I didn't and i enjoy being a member of here.

      This clan is awesome

      I was pretty skeptical about joining this clan because of all the flaming on the Call of Duty forums but I joined anyway and I have had a amazing time being in this clan.

      I have so many new people I can always play zombies with and all the ones I have played with so far have lived up to the expectations of "Pro".

      I can tell the staff here works really hard as i'm sure maintaining a Facebook, YouTube Channel, and forums isn't the easiest thing to do and I just felt like giving some feedback on this wonderful clan ;D

      Thanks for everything

      This clan is a great idea

      Dear The Nazi Zombie Pro,
      I would like to thank you for making this clan. There is a lot of other stuff I would like to say, just I don't know how to say it. Just know I really appreciate you making this wonderful clan.

      Same here, this clan has brought a new, funner, aspect to zombies for me, and all the people are really cool.

      Yea this clan has let us zombie lovers unite and share the experience and enhance it as well

      It's nice to be able to mess around when you want to but to also find the serious games when you really want to go far