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    PS3- Danish player looking for a clan.

      Hello there people. I'm looking to join a casual PS3-clan.

      I'm not the most experienced player out there, but i've improved a lot lately. My K/D used to be less than 1,
      but I've managed to reach 1.5 (Yay).
      My daily dose of Black Ops usually consist of Team Deathmatch and Free For All and this leads me to the
      reason for wanting to join a clan. Whenever I decide to try out an objective game people tend to neglect the
      main objective- instead they rather sit in a corner and camp for kills.
      So is anyone looking for a guy who's focused and ready to adapt? If so, send a message or contact me ingame

      PSN ID: Modest_echo
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          Re: PS3- Danish player looking for a clan.
          If you arent in clan yet, i will suggest that you go to ambushgaming.com forum
          There we have competitive and non-competitive teams in all regions, NA and EU
          If you decide to go check out, please write BToNeD as your information source, at the registration, THX  
          Age limit is 16, English language is mandatory.
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