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    Nevada Base - As Chosen By Community - YOU Vote - Poll #9

      CURRENT POLL #9: What weapons will be in the map?

      Notes: The weapons are split into categories. The votes for yes and no are next to each weapon. What you have to do is say which weapons you want and which you don't. No format is necessary. Just make it clear that the ones you are listing are ones you WANT or DONT WANT. If anyone says "I want all", your vote will not count. I need people to actually look this over and decide. Now think about the weapon that you are considering and how it'll work. For example, I chose to keep the weapons that are already in here. The extra knives at the bottom are from campaign and may just end up being a nuisance, but there's the option. Also, the M2 Flamethrower WILL have to be balanced if it wins. No infinite ammo exploits like it WaW, that's why it was removed. We'd add a fuel tank system like in Multiplayer. Also, the Decoy Grenade will not distract zombies, as they don't care about bullet noises. I voted yes for that because I think it'd be funny.

      Weapon - YES:X NO:X

      Currently included World at War weapons:

      A: Arisaka - YES:1 NO:0
      B: BAR - YES:1 NO:0
      C: Bouncing Betty - YES:1 NO:0
      D: Deployable BAR - YES:1 NO:0
      E: Double-Barreled Shotgun - YES:1 NO:0
      F: FG42 - YES1: NO:0
      G: Gewehr 43 - YES:1 NO:0
      H: Kar98k - YES:1 NO:0
      I: Kar98k w/ Scope - YES:1 NO:0
      J: M1 Carbine - YES:1 NO:0
      K: M1 Garand - YES:1 NO:0
      L: M1897 Trench Gun - YES:1 NO:0
      M: MP40 - YES:1 NO:0
      N: STG-44 - YES:1 NO:0
      O: Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun w/ Grip
      P: Stielhandgranate - YES:1 NO:0
      Q: Thompson - YES:1 NO:0
      R: Type 100 - YES:1 NO:0

      Currently included Black Ops weapons:

      S: AK74u - YES:1 NO:0
      T: AUG - YES:1 NO:0
      U: Ballistic Knife - YES:1 NO:0
      V: Claymore - YES:1 NO:0
      W: CZ75 - YES:1 NO:0
      X: CZ75 Dual Wield - YES:1 NO:0
      Y: China Lake - YES:1 NO:0
      Z: Commando - YES:1 NO:0
      AA: Crossbow - YES:1 NO:0
      AB: Death Machine - YES:1 NO:0
      AC: Dragunov - YES:1 NO:0
      AD: FN FAL - YES:1 NO:0
      AE: Famas - YES:1 NO:0
      AF: Frag Grenade - YES:1 NO:0
      AG: G11 - YES:1 NO:0
      AH: Galil - YES:1 NO:0
      AI: HK21 - YES:1 NO:0
      AJ: HS-10 - YES:1 NO:0
      AK: L96A1 - YES:1 NO:0
      AL: M14 - YES:1 NO:0
      AM: M16 - YES:1 NO:0
      AN: M1911 - YES:1 NO:0
      AO: M72 LAW - YES:1 NO:0
      AP: MP5K - YES:1 NO:0
      AQ: MPL - YES:1 NO:0
      AR: Olympia - YES:1 NO:0
      AS: PM63 - YES:1 NO:0
      AT: Python - YES:1 NO:0
      AU: RPK - YES:1 NO:0
      AV: Semtex Grenade - YES:1 NO:0
      AW: Spikemore - YES:1 NO:0
      AX: SPAS-12 - YES:1 NO:0
      AY: Spectre - YES:1 NO:0
      AZ: Stakeout - YES:1 NO:0

      Weapons that used to be included:

      BA: .357 Magnum - YES:1 NO:0
      BB: Colt M1911 - YES:0 NO:1
      BC: M1 Garand w/ Launcher - YES:1 NO:0
      BD: M2 Flamethrower - YES:0 NO:1
      BE: M1919 Browning - YES:1 NO:0
      BF: MG42 - YES:1 NO:0
      BG: Molotov Cocktail - YES:1 NO:0
      BH: PPSh-41 - YES:1 NO:0
      BI: PTRS-41 - YES:1 NO:0
      BJ: Panzerschreck - YES:1 NO:0
      BK: Springfield - YES:1 NO:0

      World at War weapons that have never been included:

      BL: DP-28 - YES:1 NO:0
      BM: Kiska Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      BN: M9A1 Bazooka - YES:0 NO:1
      BO: Mk2 Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      BP: Mosin-Nagant - YES:1 NO:0
      BQ: N°74 ST Sticky Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      BR: Nambu - YES:1 NO:0
      BS: RGD-33 Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      BT: Satchel Charge - YES:0 NO:1
      BU: Signal Flare - YES:0 NO:1
      BV: Smoke Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      BW: SVT-40 - YES:0 NO:1
      BX: Tabun Gas Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      BY: Tokarev TT-33 - YES:1 NO:0
      BZ: Type 99 - YES:1 NO:0
      CA: Walther P38 - YES:1 NO:0

      Black Ops weapons that have never been included:

      CB: AK47 - YES:1 NO:0
      CC: ASP - YES:1 NO:0
      CD: C4 - YES:1 NO:0
      CE: Camera Spike - YES:1 NO:0
      CF: Concussion Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      CG: Decoy Grenade - YES:1 NO:0
      CH: Enfield - YES:1 NO:0
      CI: Flashbang Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      CJ: Grim Reaper - YES:1 NO:0
      CK: Jammer - YES:0 NO:1
      CL: KS-23 - YES:1 NO:0
      CM: Kiparis - YES:1 NO:0
      CN: M60 - YES:1 NO:0
      CO: MAC11 - YES:1 NO:0
      CQ: Makarov - YES:1 NO:0
      CR: Model 1887 - YES:1 NO:0
      CS: Motion Sensor - YES:0 NO:1
      CT: Nova Gas Grenade - YES:1 NO:0
      CU: PSG1 - YES:1 NO:0
      CV: RPG - YES:1 NO:0
      CW: Skorpion - YES:1 NO:0
      CX: Sten - YES:1 NO:0
      CY: Stoner63 - YES:1 NO:0
      CZ: Strela-3 - YES:1 NO:0
      DA: Tactical Insertion - YES:1 NO:0
      DB: Tomahawk - YES:1 NO:0
      DC: Uzi - YES:1 NO:0
      DD: WA2000 - YES:1 NO:0
      DE: Willy Pete Grenade - YES:0 NO:1
      DF: a new Equipment - YES:0 NO:1

      Wonder Weapons:

      DG: 31-79 JGb215 - YES:1 NO:0
      DH: Gersch Device - YES:1 NO:0
      DI: Matryoshka Dolls - YES:1 NO:0
      DJ: Monkey Bomb - YES:1 NO:0
      DK: Ray Gun - YES:1 NO:0
      DL: Scavenger - YES:1 NO:0
      DM: Thundergun - YES:1 NO:0
      DN: V-R11 - YES:1 NO:0
      DO: Winter's Howl - YES:1 NO:0
      DP: Wunderwaffe DG-2 - YES:1 NO:0


      DQ: Bowie Knife - YES:1 NO:0
      DR: Karambit Knife - YES:0 NO:1
      DS: Knife - YES:1 NO:0
      DT: Prison Knife - YES:0 NO:1
      DU: Sickle - YES:1 NO:0
      DV: Shovel - YES:1 NO:0
      DW: SOG Knife - YES:0 NO:1
      DX: a new Knife - YES:0 NO:1

      DY: Stuff that will appear in Moon - YES:1 NO:0

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------

      I see map ideas on this forum all the time. A lot come in the form of a whole map made by a certain individual. But what if the community came to a consensus on the ideas for a single map? That is what I want to accomplish.

      To do this, I have a series of polls. During which, people post and vote on what they want. We vote on them a step at a time, each time adding to the map's features. It is possible to overturn a vote, but it can't be done immediately after the vote has been cast. The hope is that eventually, we'll have a whole map built on what the community wants. This thread will be a democracy. When there is a "OTHER" option, that means that you can answer the poll however you wish. When doing so, your new option will be added to the poll. I will add default options. There is not a set time period for the voting yet: I close it when I think it needs to be closed or keep it open when I think the vote is too close to call. Z is used for Other to prevent confusion. Anyone is allowed to vote, and any ideas are welcome. (Just know your idea's vote may not come into being if A. it's not time yet, or B. another vote cancelled out yours' possibility.)

      Thank you

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------

      Nevada Base:

      Area 51
      Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen
      World at War and Black Ops weapons, including many new ones
      During Cold War

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------

      POLL #1: Where does the map take place? wrote:


      A: Area 51 - 6
      B: White House - 3
      C: The Moon - 5
      D: Isolated, Natural Area Such as a Ravine - 1
      E: Mountain Range - 1
      F: Abandoned Observatory - 3
      G: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France - 1
      H: Banjawarn Station, Australia - 1
      I: Abandoned Prison - 4
      J. Concentration Camp - 3
      K: Destroyed/ Abandoned City - 1
      L: England - 1
      M: Samantha's School - 1
      N: Civil War Battlefield - 1
      O: Acid Factory - 2

      POLL#2: Where does the map take place? (continued) wrote:


      A: Area 51 - 4
      B: The Moon - 1
      C: Abandoned Prison - 2

      POLL #3: How many players will there be? wrote:


      A: The same (four) - 7
      B: More than four - 0

      POLL #4: What era of weapons will be included? wrote:


      A: World War II - 0
      B: Cold War - 0
      C: Both - 7

      POLL #5: Who will the playable characters be? wrote:


      A: Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen - 5
      B: John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro - 1
      C: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, and Michael Rooker - 0
      D: New characters - 1
      E: Some form of mixture of the above - 1

      POLL #6: Should the map include some weapons that were only in Multiplayer? (Ex: Type 99/ M60) wrote:


      A: Yes - 7
      B: No - 1

      POLL #7: What is the name of the map? wrote:


      A: Area 51 - 1
      B: Nevada Base - 2
      C: Wasteland - 1
      D: Nicht Identifiziert - 1
      E: Groom Lake - 1

      POLL #8: What is the time of the map? (Keep dates in mind. For example, if you pick WWII, then Wonder Weapons that were invented later won't be selectable. That's why I picked a pretty late one.) wrote:


      A: Before World War II - 0
      B: During World War II - 0
      C: During the Cold War - 5
      D: After the Cold War - 1

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