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    Idea for weaker killstreaks/equipment

      sat thinking about all the arguments on op perks, ghost, hacker, last stand etc ... When I came up with a new idea to help with some of the weaker killstreaks and equipment.  I use hacker just as much as the next man, but feel that it's slightly op spotting absolutely everything, so a solution could be:

      Camera spike - only shows up when the camera is switched on when turned off doesn't show up red.
      Motion sensor/jammer - should have the ability to switch on and off, again when off, does not show red.
      Sam and gun turret - should become visible to hacker (also on minimap) when they become active and for perhaps 2-3seconds after in the cool down period.

      Turrets are absolutely no use, in particular the Sam, when most people are now hacker pro etc.  They were great in the first few months, but now I think I've seen one pull off a uav shoot down in the last 4-5 weeks!

      What do you all think?