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        640. Re: #hcflags and #hcbombs - adding more HC game mode variants

        Death Rattle wrote:


        greencoffin72 wrote:


        It was either mosh it or get rid of it.

        Actually, it wasn't. It was "HQ and CTF are thrown into TWO Moshpits (overkill), no changes are made at all, or one of several DIFFERENT alternatives. There should have been no ultimatum here.

        I have to start off with this: What did we actually gain with this update? What modes do we have available now that we didn't before?:


        *Sabotage doesn't count because no one wants it. Core doesn't want it, HC doesn't want it. Okay, so we gained TWO modes... Why on Earth did we shake up the entire HC playlist for just TWO modes? You don't need 2 mosh pits to add 2 modes, correct? Just one would cover it.

        Lately there seem to be 3x as many players in Flags as Bombs. Why? Well first-off, you have the 3 most popular objective modes together in Flags: CTF, HQ, and Domination. Secondly, you have 2 modes that make ZERO sense in Bombs: Sabotage (least popular standard game mode for the past 4 years), and S&D which already has its OWN playlist in HC. Core Sabotage gets around 200 players out of ~160,000 online core players. It's extremely unpopular and always has been, it shouldn't be in the mosh. Period.

        I don't care how they do it, but there needs to be only ONE Moshpit. To echo myself, my personal preference is to remove HC FFA (2% of the HC population plays it) and make it TDM, S&D, Objective 1, Objective 2, and a Mosh with whatever isn't available that players want (no Sabotage or S&D).

        So let's say it comes to a vote and players want Objective 1 & 2 to be CTF and HQ, for example. Those would be the standalone objective modes and Domination would thus be put in a Mosh with Demolition. The only remaining modes that are eligible for the mosh would be FFA and Ground War. But FFA doesn't make sense since parties aren't/shouldn't be allowed in there (teamwork/boosting), but HC Ground War would be cool and desired I think.

        I don't think you have to cover EVERY possible mode known to man in HC when you only have 5 slots to work with. At this rate, we are going to have 5 different moshpits (exaggeration). It already feels like we have 5. Like I said, TDM, S&D, Objective 1 & 2, and a Mosh of Objective 3 + Demolition + maybe Ground War. The ONLY people who get shafted with this is the FFA crowd, and they can still go to Core for it, which people have been doing since November if they wanted to play Demolition, Domination, etc etc. I hate to be so gung-ho about it, but this solution is 100 times better than what's in place now. I only wish Vahn would comment on it.

        I understand that he's reluctant to give up HC FFA because it's the only HC non-team mode, but if there was 1 person in the world who played that mode, by that logic he would still have to keep it as a placeholder. And that's pretty much what it is now, just a technicality. Want I really want to know is: Are you gonna go my way? Sorry, Lenny Kravitz attack... What I want to know is: If the players collectively voted for HC FFA's removal, would Vahn be willing to give them what they want? This opens the doors for getting our two Objective standalone modes back, PLUS we get to keep a Moshpit so all the bases are covered (minus FFA).

        Perhaps a better question would be: If HC was TDM, S&D, Objective 1, Objective 2, Mosh of Objective 3 + Demolition + Ground War... how many non-FFA players would be against it?? How many more people would be happy than there are right now? 2 of the 3 objective die hard groups would get their favorite modes available as standalones (maybe they could even rotate the 3rd in every other week or something), and Demolition + Objective 3 would still be available in a Mosh just as they are today, PLUS people could even get HC Ground War if they wanted it. HC FFA'ers, I've got nothin' but love for ya, but you are indeed the odd-man out. I'm sorry, but push came to shove and you skated on the first set of changes, but simple logic and math tells us you have to be the sacrificial lamb for the greater good. *hugs* 

        To make a long story short..I just want to have a choice to pick the game type I love & been playing since it was updated to the game when it first came out. I just want to enjoy all these DLC maps I bought just to play the mode I want..If I would have known they were going to take away the option to choose my favorite game mode by it's self.. I would have saved my money. but I didn't..Why? because I was Satisfied with what I had.
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          641. Re: #hcflags and #hcbombs - adding more HC game mode variants
          If U go look at the post Vahn first posted..he didn't say anything about removing our favorite game modes..only adding..then later on he came and replied a post a little below it asking About removing them..so to tell the truth..most "Hard cor"e people was not aware of the reply note only the top Note.
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            642. Re: #hcflags and #hcbombs - adding more HC game mode variants
            personally I think there is no need for 3 barebones game modes and they should have imported 1 of those slots into HC and moshed 3 gamemodes ( any3 I don't really care) thus leaving HC CTF & HC HQ in their standalone playlists.
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              643. Re: #hcflags and #hcbombs - adding more HC game mode variants
              Just want to address this

              insanity2brilliance wrote:


              As much as you hate to admit it, you will buy mw3 even though IW moshed CTF in June of last year. Then you will buy the new treyarch game in 2012. I know this because if you weren't, you would've left for another game by now.

              Maybe I'm in the minority but wrong. Wrong. I haven't even touched the Black Ops disc case since whenever my last post was. I haven't bought the newest DLC. I haven't even bothered watching gameplay videos on youtube. I actually came back to this forum in the slim hopes of reading about alterations to this past update only to find the topic is essentially dead and the discussions are back to the standard Quickscoping or Ghost Pro flame battles.

              I don't believe in punishing IW for what Treyarch did to this game (I wasnt around when MW2 hardcore modes got moshed), but I absolutely will not buy MW3 until I see an explicit mode list that includes a standalone HCTF. Give people a little more credit. We're not all unrestrained fanboys clamoring to empty our pockets for each opportunity the game presents us. There are other options. Several great ones even.

              I absolutely won't buy another Treyarch produced product period. If that means skipping COD generations and alternating over to BF or Killzone or whatever else comes around, doesn't matter to me. After dropping 90+ bucks into one game....like any other producer/customer relationship, you get one single chance to screw up.

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