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    Gretting's and a Q

      Greeting's from a Wii gamer i have on question i. I have alway wonderd what is call of duty like on the DS i have never seen any one play it and i just wanna  know what its like
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          Re: Gretting's and a Q
          in my opinion, its a really great FPS for a ds game. its really well done, and you arent going to find a better FPS game on the ds than black ops. if you like your nintendo ds, and you like call of duty, i HIGHLY recommend getting this game for your ds i think youll like it a lot. im not much of a nintendo gamer myself but ive easily put 20 hours into playing this game and thats a lot considering its a handheld console, of which i dont get much time to play very often.

          so yeah give it a try, its like $30 in stores like best buy, walmart etc
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