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    Elite: Gold clan Tags is not a hack! Don't be dumb!

      No boys and girls, this is not a clan recruiting thread, Wiggy just announcing that the 4RUMBOY nation will be the first clan on Elite to get to 50. That is our missing, that is our goal and we will attain this prestigious rank.


      We have already had many kids asking us how we got our customized titles and Gold clan tags, Wiggy gets this question almost 10 an hour and he's tired of answering it. So if you read this thread, tell everyone you know, that's how you get a Gold clan tag, by being a member of the first clan to reach 50 on Elite.


      Don't hate, participate





      Feel free to discuss, this is about ranking up in Elite, not boasting. Wiggy just bringing attention a few Elite details that you might not know yet.

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