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    Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

      My Twitter timeline is blowing up with commentary about the knife as a melee weapon and how being killed with it can be fustrating to players. We've thought about and discussed ALL of these and several others:


      1. Get rid of the knife entirelly.


      2. Get rid of the knife entirelly and return to using your gun to butt someone.


      3. Make the knife something you have to equip before you can slash it.


      4. Have guns do more damage at "melee knife ranges" so that if you need a single bullet or two to drop someone about to stab you.


      5. Create a "Knife Vest" as a perk or similar that protects you.


      6. Changing the tuning of the knife to do variable, or half, the damage it does right now


      7. Do nothing. We already nerfed the melee lunge/attack range.


      8. Do away with the melee lunge entirelly.


      Did I miss any?

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