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    I am going to sign out everytime I dont like how things are going.

      Hate it or Love It....I pay the bills up in here. My Net,My 3, My electricity, My T.V.. My fingers do the walking.


      I'm sick of this catering to children who have to use the same internet as the whole household. Getting the things they want, Oh you are trying to playing CoD wirelessly while your parents and whoever else is using also...here you go here is a little help... Oh you live in the Boonies...here you go...Here is a little help... Oh you live in plywood houses stacked on top of each other while you steal internet fron the nearest motel...HERE YOU GO>>>YOU GET THE BIGGEST HELP YOU F*CKING BUM!!!


      Now go out there and screw hard working adults that bought the game with hard earned money, While your at it we will stop their speedy actions with some kind of connection buffer to halt them from ruining your pitiful excuse for online gaming.


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